Cover Reveal: The Circle of Kirke (Tapestry of Fate, #8) by Matt Larkin

Cover Reveal: The Circle of Kirke (Tapestry of Fate, #8) by Matt Larkin

Hi everyone! Petrik from Novel Notions here.

It’s time for another cover reveal! And this time, it is for the eighth novel in the Tapestry of Fate series by Matt Larkin, The Circle of Kirke. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Larkin’s books. His books should be suitable for readers who love mythologies and fantasy. Similar to the previous books in the series, the cover art is once again illustrated by Felix Ortiz and designed by Shawn T. King. The result is incredible. I won’t take much more of your time. Without further ado, here’s the beautiful cover reveal of The Circle of Kirke by Matt Larkin!

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Cover art illustrated by Felix Ortiz

Cover designed by Shawn T. King

Title: The Circle of Kirke

Series title: Tapestry of Fate (Book #8 of 9), Eschaton Cycle: The Titan Era

Author: Matt Larkin

Publishing date: 17th October 2023

Genre: Fantasy, Mythological Fantasy

Publisher: Self-published

Time is an ouroboros

Fate has long tortured Pandora and her kin. After years of travails she will soon reach a final decision. If she cannot cut through the Tapestry of Fate, she will instead cut down its weavers.

Meanwhile, Kirke finds herself enslaved by the same merciless threads that hold Pandora. For decades she has remained exiled on a lonely island. But soon, a new visitor will dangle the most fragile of hopes before her …

I want to give my special thanks to Matt Larkin for allowing Novel Notions the honor and pleasure of hosting the exclusive cover reveal for The Circle of Kirke. As fantasy enthusiasts and self-proclaimed connoisseurs of book cover art, it means a lot for me and all of us here at Novel Notions to be given this opportunity.

Lastly, thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this post!

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