Hey y’all! I’m Celeste!

I was raised on a steady diet of Bible stories and fairy tales, and as a child I tended to sleep with a book in my arms instead of a teddy bear. My husband is my best friend, and not just because he feeds my book habit. I’m the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Voices of the Broken, a Christian rock band. Louisiana has been my home since I was born, and even though the heat and humidity make me die a little, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I’m a Southern girl through and through. Words are my lifeblood, whether I’m singing or reading or attempting to write stories of my own.

Review Requests:

I read most every genre, but my favorites are fantasy, literary fiction, Christian fiction, and middle grade. If you would like me to review your novel, I prefer physical copies but will accept ebooks on occasion. I am very honest with my reviews, so I reserve the right to DNF any book I receive that doesn’t work for me. If this is the case, I will message the author with an explanation. I’m also a moody reader, and thus reserve the right to decline requests or not read them immediately if I agree to reading them.

My Rating Scale:

Be aware that, while I do my best to be honest, I’m pretty easy to please. Most of my ratings are high, because I tend to love most things. That doesn’t mean the ratings aren’t my honest opinion, though!

5 Stars: I absolutely loved this book. It was awesome and I wish everyone would read it.
4 Stars: I really enjoyed this book. There were a few things that didn’t work for me, but reading it was a great experience.
3 Stars: This was a good book. I enjoyed it, but it was nothing special for me. Kind of forgettable.
2 Stars: The book didn’t work for me. I had some serious issues with it.
1 Star: I hated this book with a burning fiery passion, and probably burned my copy.

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