20190101_134021Hello folks – TS here!

A voracious reader of all kinds of books, I have a special undying love for fantasy which developed from reading Dragonlance when I was barely a teen.  A self-professed geek (and proud of it), my curiosity for all things magical extends even to popular science.  In my opinion, science is nothing more than the magic system of the world we live in.  Aside from reading, I love being outdoors – running and hiking are my favourite activities – and travelling as an extension of my curiosity to seek knowledge and experiences.  While nothing beats drinking in the sights with one’s own eyes, I also love dabbling in photography – one needs to have some captured moments to return to once in a while.  A recent passion that I’ve discovered lately is cooking and baking, and as a foodie it gives me great joy to be able to produce tasty creations in the kitchen.

Review requests and ratings: 

[Please note that I’m not receiving any review requests until further notice]

My go-to genres: Fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, mystery/crime thrillers.

I do read almost everything, but will be very selective when it comes to young adult books.

For ARCs, physical copies are generally preferred and ebooks are welcome for authors whom I already know of.

My approach to reviews is always to remain spoiler-free and not to summarise the story.  Books which I did not finish due to unfavourable personal views will not be reviewed and/or rated.  I also rate books within its genre.

As an emotional/instinctual rather than a critical reader, my ratings tend to reflect how I feel while reading the particular book.  My rating scale summarised below most succinctly.
5-stars: Amazing
4-stars: Great
3-stars: Good
2-stars: Meh
1-star: Bad (very rare because it’ll most likely be a DNF)

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Email: teiksim@gmail.com

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