Hi everyone! My name is Haïfa.

Reading has been my very first passion. I get easily bored and I need to have something to occupy my mind, even when my hands are busy. I listen to music, I play games, I watch TV shows, I write too, occasionally. Then I get bored and stop for a while. But I never stopped reading for too long. I read since I started deciphering the words. I used to raid my relatives’ libraries when I ran out of books and to read in the dark at night when the house was asleep (dumb move though; I ruined my sight!)


When I had a book in my hands, I was oblivious to the world and it frequently dismayed or peeved those around me. It still does.

Other than reading, I love talking about books, playing badminton, eating (that’s another passion of mine that will hopefully never go away), hanging out with my family and hiking with my significant other.

Review Requests

I tried various genres when I was younger but I discovered lately that I had an undeniable predilection for Fantasy (and its subgenres: Urban Fantasy, Flintlock Fantasy, magic realism…).

If you are an author and would like me to review your book, please keep in mind that I will write an honest review. I’m not very harsh with my ratings (nor my words) but I will make sure to explain what did and did not work for me and why.

My reviews are spoiler-free.

(!!!) Please kindly note that I am not accepting ARC/review copies at the moment.


My rating system

I try to be as fair and unbiased as possible. However, some books’ rating can be matter of emotional connection and impact on occasion.

5 Stars: Loved it from cover to cover and would probably re-read => Favorites shelf.

4 Stars: Really enjoyed it but it was missing some sparks or had minor issues.

3 Stars: I mildly liked it/I had a lot of issues with it but it certainly had something special.

2 Stars: It wasn’t my cup of tea or it angered me or bored me to tears.

1 Stars: Really hated it. Give me my money back! This is a rating I give very, very rarely.

You can contact me via Goodreads and Twitter.