Cover Reveal: Nectar for the God (Mennik Thorn #2) by Patrick Samphire

Cover Reveal: Nectar for the God (Mennik Thorn #2) by Patrick Samphire

Hi everyone! Eon from Novel Notions here.

Today we are honoured to be able to do the beautiful cover reveal of Nectar for the God by Patrick Samphire. This book is the sequel to Shadow of a Dead God which was one of my favourite reads of 2020, a delightful page-turner of a story featuring a down-on-his-luck, heart of gold, scrappy mage protagonist. And it’s funny as hell.

The first book in the series intitally had a cover made by Patrick himself, and he did an excellent job of it, but he then decide to update it and asked Ömer Burak Önal to design a new cover which turned out to be a showstopper. It’s no surprise then that he asked Ömer to also design the artwork for the sequel after that magnificent previous effort. So, without further delay, here it is, the cover reveal of Nectar for the God!

Cover art by Ömer Burak Önal.

Cover of Nectar for the God

In the city of Agatos, nothing stays buried forever.

Only an idiot would ignore his debt to a high mage, and Mennik Thorn is not an idiot, no matter what anyone might say. He’s just been … distracted. But now he’s left it too late, and if he doesn’t obey the high mage’s commands within the day, his best friends’ lives will be forfeit. So it’s hardly the time to take on an impossible case: proving a woman who murdered a stranger in full view is innocent.

Unfortunately, Mennik can’t resist doing the right thing – and now he’s caught in a deadly rivalry between warring high mages, his witnesses are dying, and something ancient has turned its eyes upon him.

The fate of the city is once again in the hands of a second-rate mage. Mennik Thorn should have stayed in hiding.


And here is the full cover art:

Full artwork for Nectar for the God

I once again want to give special thanks to Patrick Samphire for allowing Novel Notions the honour and pleasure of hosting the cover reveal for Nectar for the God. We always love doing these reveals as we are huge fans of gorgeous cover art and always thankful for the opportunity. I hope many new readers discover this deserving series and join us for the exciting ride. I can’t wait to read Nectar for the God!

Thank you everyone for checking out this post!

Nectar for the God has a release date of 2 December 2021

You can pre-order the book here : Amazon US | Amazon UK |

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