Cover Reveal: Mother Pig (Houndstooth, #2) by Travis M. Riddle

Cover Reveal: Mother Pig (Houndstooth, #2) by Travis M. Riddle

Hi everyone! Petrik from Novel Notions here.

Today, we’re here to bring you a beautiful cover reveal of Mother Pig. How about that for a book title? This is the second book in Houndstooth series by Travis M. Riddle. I haven’t read this series yet, but from what I’ve heard, this series sounds like a great and refreshing read. Let me know what you think of the cover art and whether this series interests you or not! Thank you so much to Travis Riddle for giving me the opportunity to host this cover reveal! Without further ado, here’s the cover reveal to Mother Pig!

Cover art illustrated & designed by: Deranged Doctor Design

Full cover spread:

The Houndstooth has forever loomed over Ruska. A towering black tree with indestructible bark, it seals away powerful dark magic. But its bark is cracking and this magic is leaking, threatening to extinguish all life in the valley.

Six individuals are infected with this foul magic, imbued with unnatural abilities called Blights. Coal is their final recruit, tasked by the immortal Dirt King to track down ancient artifacts that can seal the Houndstooth and restore balance to Ruska. As the Blighted venture through the kingdom, they realize its condition is worse than they feared. The must tangle with cults, navigate through melting forests, and fight hordes of grotesque beasts warped by the Houndstooth’s magic.

Ruska’s fate rests on their shoulders, but are they already too late to save it?

I want to give my special thanks to Travis M. Riddle for allowing Novel Notions the honor to host the cover reveal for Mother Pig. It’s a shame that I still haven’t started this series yet, hopefully I’ll get the chance to fix that situation soon!

Thank you everyone for checking out this post! 🙂

Mother Pig official release date: 1st June 2021.

You can pre-order the book on: Amazon

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