Cover Reveal: A Song of Legends Lost by M.H. Ayinde

Cover Reveal: A Song of Legends Lost by M.H. Ayinde

Hi everyone! Petrik from Novel Notions here.

We have an incredibly exciting post today. Orbit has asked me and Novel Notions to host the cover reveal for A Song of Legends Lost by M.H. Ayinde! This will be the start of a new trilogy from a debut author, and it sounds like it will be a promising epic fantasy debut. I am so looking forward to reading this, especially after reading the premise and seeing the stunning cover art illustrated by one of my favorite artists, Richard Anderson. Without further ado, here’s the cover reveal to A Song of Legends Lost by M.H. Ayinde!

Cover art illustrated by Richard Anderson

Cover design by Ben Prior


Title: A Song of Legends Lost

Author: M.H. Ayinde

Publishing date: April 2025

Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy

Publisher: Orbit

Formats: eBook, Paperback, Hardcover

Twitter: @MHAyinde

In the Nine Lands, only those of noble blood can summon the spirits of their ancestors to fight in battle. But when Temi, a commoner from the slums, accidentally invokes a powerful spirit, she finds it could hold the key to ending a centuries-long war.

But not everything that can be invoked is an ancestor.  And some of the spirits that can be drawn from the ancestral realm are more dangerous than anyone can imagine.

I want to give my special thanks to M.H. Ayinde, Emily Byron, & Orbit for allowing Novel Notions the honor and pleasure of hosting the cover reveal for A Song of Legends Lost! As fantasy enthusiasts and self-proclaimed connoisseurs of book cover art, it means a lot for me and all of us here at Novel Notions to be given this opportunity. It goes without saying that I’m looking forward to reading A Song of Legends Lost!

Lastly, thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this post!

You can pre-order this book from: Blackwells

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