Cover Reveal: The Bleeding Stone (The Spellbinders and the Gunslingers, #1) by Joseph John Lee

Cover Reveal: The Bleeding Stone (The Spellbinders and the Gunslingers, #1) by Joseph John Lee

Hi everyone! Petrik from Novel Notions here.

It’s time for a cover reveal! And this time, it is for a debut novel by Joseph John Lee. It has been a month since I did a cover reveal for a self-published fantasy work on the blog, and I’m thankful that Lee has entrusted me and Novel Notions to host the cover reveal of his debut. I will not take too much of your time here. One of the reasons I’m excited about today’s cover reveal is because I get to reveal another cover art done by the famous indie fantasy cover artist and designer duo, Felix Ortiz and Shawn T. King! Without further ado, here’s the beautiful and atmospheric cover reveal for The Bleeding Stone by Joseph John Lee, the first book in The Spellbinders and the Gunslingers series!!

Cover art illustrated by Felix Ortiz

Cover designed by Shawn T. King

Title: The Bleeding Stone

Series title: The Spellbinders and the Gunslingers (Book 1)

Author: Joseph John Lee

Page Count: 387 pages

Word Count: 138,860

Publishing date: 13th December 2022

Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy

Publisher: Self-published

Formats: eBook, Paperback

Twitter: @joelee_

Official Blurb:

The island nation of Ferranda is the jewel of the Acrarian Kingdom, and its Founder, Aritz a Mata, is revered as a god amongst men. But twenty-five years ago, Aritz was merely a man, a colonizer, an Invader seeking glory and fame in the name of his King and Queen, and Ferranda was a nameless union of indigenous Tribes, reverent of the heightened powers and aptitudes granted to them by their Animal Deities, but sundered by the foreigners claiming their lands to the south.

In the unconquered north, the Stone Tribe has for fifteen years offered a safe haven for the southern Tribes displaced by Aritz’s Invaders, whose occupying march north has been ostensibly halted by a dense forest barrier dividing north and south. Among the Stone people lives Sen, an outcast for the circumstances of her birth, preserved in society only by her status as daughter of her Tribe’s Chief. Forever relegated to the fringes of society, she is forced to watch as countless of her kin, including her sister and brother, complete their rites of passage into adulthood and accordingly earn their aptitudes by the Deity to whom they share an affinity – the Bear, the Wolf, or the Owl.

Despite this, Sen finds comfort in her life of forced solitude with her close inner circle, but hers is a comfort in days of waning tenuous peace. When Aritz’s technologically-advanced forces push north, Sen is thrust into a singular quest to rescue one of her precious few captured in the ensuing struggle. While her goal is earnest – save someone dear to her and prove her worth to her Tribe – her people’s goal is far more dire: survival in the face of uncertainty.

I want to give my special thanks to Joe Lee for allowing Novel Notions the honor and pleasure of hosting the exclusive cover reveal for The Bleeding Stone. As fantasy enthusiasts and self-proclaimed connoisseurs of book cover art, it means a lot for me and all of us here at Novel Notions to be given this opportunity. It goes without saying that I’m looking forward to reading Lee’s debut: The Bleeding Stone!

Lastly, thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this post!

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