Double Cover Reveal: The Frostfire Sage, & The Forever Night by Steven Kelliher

Double Cover Reveal: The Frostfire Sage, & The Forever Night by Steven Kelliher

Hi everyone! Petrik from Novel Notions here.

Today, We’re here to bring you an exciting and gorgeous cover reveal, not one but for TWO books! They’re for The Frostfire Sage and The Forever Night by Steven Kelliher. We did the cover reveal to the The Valley of Embers, and now we’re honored and grateful that Kelliher has decided to allow Novel Notions to host the cover reveal to his books once more. Without further ado, check out these cover arts!

Cover arts by Pierre Raveneau
Cover design by Andrei Bat

You know what, as a bonus, here’s the cover art of the series so far lined up! Only two books to go, and I can’t wait to see it completed.

Tolkien meets Miyazaki in a new breed of epic fantasy, where elemental warriors clash with immortal wizards and ancient gods.

The Landkist Saga has long been compared to Princess Mononoke in tone and aesthetic and a more violent version of Avatar: The Last Airbender in terms of action. It follows a group of elemental warriors in the midst of the War of Sages, focusing in particular on the last Embers, flame-wielding warriors fighting to defend their people against the coming of the World Apart.

There are glowing Everwood blades, mind-controlled bears, wolf companions, a storm dragon made of clouds, primordial forests, arid deserts, frozen wastes, anime-style duels and continent-shattering events.

Suffice to say, like most epic fantasies exceeding 1 million words, there’s more to it than that.

Originally a self-published series, The Landkist Saga was signed by Monolith Books in 2020 and underwent revisions and the production of new artwork ahead of a relaunch of the series.

Books 1-3 (Valley of Embers, The Emerald Blade and The Midnight Dunes,) were re-released in May, Book 4 (The Frostfire Sage,) is available now and Book 5 (The Forever Night,) will launch in September, while the never released Books 6 (The World Apart,) and 7 (Valley of Ashes,) are aiming for launches by the middle of 2022 to wrap up the series.

You can check out the series on Amazon:

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