Cover Reveal: Emberblade (The Landkist Saga, #1) by Steven Kelliher

Cover Reveal: Emberblade (The Landkist Saga, #1) by Steven Kelliher

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Hi everyone! Petrik from Novel Notions here.

Today, I’m here to bring you an exciting and gorgeous cover reveal of Emberblade by Steven Kelliher. Some of you probably have known or read The Landkist Saga before, and you might be wondering when the next book in the series is coming out. Well, Monolith Books has acquired the rights to Steven Kelliher’s Landkist Saga, a series spanning five books so far, with two installments yet to be written. The deal involves republishing of all of the previously self-published titles (new title, new cover art, editing) as well as the production of audiobooks for each novel using Peter Kenny, narrator of the Witcher series! Without further ado, here’s the cover art to Emberblade!

Cover art by Pierre Raveneau

Cover design by Andrei Bat

The gods answer to no one. Kole Reyna plans to change that.

When a war between ancient Sages threatens the world, Kole resolves to kill them once and for all. Not just for the Emberfolk he has sworn to protect, but for the mother he lost at the Sages’ corrupt hands.

As the need for vengeance threatens to consume him, Kole struggles to control his inner fire, the fiercest flames to burn within an Ember warrior in generations.

With his people hanging on the precipice, he must discover the limits of the one power he fears above all else.

His own.

NB: this is a republished edition of the previously titled Valley of Embers. The new edition contains an extended ending and fresh editing.

The Landkist Saga was heavily inspired by a combination of J.R.R. Tolkien and anime legend Hayao Miyazaki and has been described as a blend of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Princess Mononoke and The Legend of Zelda.

The series follows a group of bold elemental warriors as they struggle to survive in the midst of the War of Sages, a world-shattering conflict between immortal sorcerers whose beginning has been lost to time and whose ending may never come. The Saga focuses in particular on the last Embers, flame-wielding warriors who may hold the key to stopping the war once and for all.

Populated by powerful heroes, strange enemies and sprawling, dangerous landscapes, the world of the Landkist Saga is constantly-expanding. While there are visually-stunning battles, life-and-death struggles and continent-spanning events, the core of the narrative revolves around characters and the human choices they make, for better and worse.

Kelliher said: “Crafting the Landkist Saga has been the journey of a lifetime. Breathing life into elemental heroes and villainous sorcerers and populating such a sprawling world with their stories has been a unique and rewarding challenge. But now it’s time for Landkist to take the next step. 

The team at Monolith Books have shown tremendous enthusiasm and support for the series, as well as a willingness to invest time and resources into polishing and presenting the story and characters to fantasy readers across a range of formats with the highest quality and care.  

With the backing of Monolith Books, I look forward to bringing the action and drama of The Landkist Saga to a much wider audience than I could ever achieve on my own. And for all of the readers who join us on this adventure, I’m confident that you’ll find it worthwhile.”

Thank you so much to Steven Kelliher, Michael Miller, and Monolith Books for allowing me and Novel Notions to host the cover reveal of Emberblade. I haven’t read this series yet, but it’s certainly going into my must-read TBR pile!

Thank you to everyone for checking out this post! Let me know what you think of the cover art!

-Petrik Leo

Emberblade official release date: 8th March 2021. Book #2 – 4 will be released rapidly over 2021, and Book #5-7 will be released in 2022.

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