I Hate Fairyland: Book One

I Hate Fairyland: Book One

I Hate Fairyland: Book One by Skottie Young
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I laughed so hard while reading this. And grimaced. And laughed some more.

Imagine that, as a six-year-old girl (work with me here, guys), you stumble into a portal leading to a magical realm called Fairyland. It’s a marvelous world of cuteness and candy, and the residents are pleased to share it for a little while as you complete your quest. What quest, you ask? A quest for a key, the only way to unlock the door back to your world. There’s only one problem:

You really suck at quests.

Because you’re so awful at this, you’re still stuck in Fairyland 27 years later. Which creates another giant problem. Besides missing your home and parents and real life, you’ve stopped aging. On the outside, at least. So now you’re a woman in your thirties still trapped in the body of a six-year-old. And you’re an absolutely horrible person. You’re murderously frustrated and surly and man, do you have a mouth on you. But profanity as we know it is an impossibility in Fairyland, so you’re stuck swearing in candy-coated gibberish. Which just makes you madder. You split your time between still looking for the blasted key and drinking gallons of whatever alcohol you can get your hands on in an attempt to drown your rage. But you know what’s not impossible in Fairyland? Violence. And holy gumdrops, and you wreak some havoc. Seriously, you kill everything. And not just kill, mind you. You have to make things as disgustingly gory as possible. The best part for you? You’re safe from death, as you’re a guest of Fairyland. But you’ve made a crazy amount of enemies, and they’re busy trying to find a way to get rid of you.

Let ‘em try.

The illustrations were a freakish marriage of cute and grotesque that worked insanely well with the story. Imagine if a Disney movie took a lethal dose of acid. That’s this series. It’s hilarious and gross and totally addictive. If you’re looking for a fantasy comic that will make you feel like your tripping on LSD laced with bleach, look no further.

You can purchase a copy of the book here, with free shipping worldwide!

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