Cover Reveal: Fides Ex Machina by Kian N. Ardalan

Cover Reveal: Fides Ex Machina by Kian N. Ardalan

Hi everyone! Petrik from Novel Notions here.

We have an incredibly exciting post today. Eleventh Cycle by Kian N. Ardalan is one of my favorite books. Today, I have the opportunity to reveal a new book by him: Fides Ex Machina. I haven’t read this book yet, but if it’s anything as good as (or even better than) Eleventh Cycle, then I will have a blast with this book. Without further ado, here’s the STUNNING cover reveal of Fides Ex Machina by Kian N. Ardalan!

Cover art illustrated by Fahmi Fauzi

In order to survive, Oscar and his father roamed the city junkyards in search of scrap to sell. Amongst the winding hills of discarded trash were the remnants of a fallen angel and in its hand, the answer to mankind’s salvation.

His mother used to tell him the stories. “We were once great,” she’d say. “Explorers of stars.” But all Oscar knew for sure was that he lived in exile, someone removed from the system. He watched Angels blaze through the skies with their gold accents and polished metal wings. They protected the worthy; those deserving of being embraced by the holy algorithm.

What truths will Oscar learn about humanity, about the ancients who ruled the world? What lost knowledge hides within the egg that this dead fallen angel holds?

I want to give my special thanks to Kian N. Ardalan for allowing Novel Notions the honor and pleasure of hosting the cover reveal for Fides Ex Machina. As fantasy enthusiasts and self-proclaimed connoisseurs of book cover art, it means a lot for me and all of us here at Novel Notions to be given this opportunity.

Lastly, thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this post!

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