Hi everyone! I’m Petrik!

Ever since I was a kid, my passions or hobbies have always revolved around gaming, watching anime/tv series/movies, playing sports, and reading. As I grew older, my hobbies in playing sports have started to diminish due to how busy life can be. However, my other passions still stand and I have a good feeling it will last forever. I was born, raised, and am currently living in Indonesia. When I’m not working or socializing, my time will definitely revolve around the hobbies I mentioned earlier.

Review Requests:

Below this are my favorite genres of books to read.

Novels: Adult oriented fantasy (epic, grimdark, urban), sci-fi, and historical fiction.

Manga: Shonen or Seinen manga. You name anything that fits these targeted audiences and most likely there’s a chance I’ve read or know about it. I can’t even begin to list my favorite manga because I have read too many of them. (Currently sitting at more than 2000 volumes, excluding rereads.)

I write full reviews for every novel I read. For authors or publishers, I give completely honest reviews. Whether I know you or not, I won’t sugarcoat my ratings if a book doesn’t work for me, but will offer full praises if it does. If the book ends up being a DNF (with under 50% read), I won’t be leaving a review or rating. All my reviews are spoiler-free, sequels included.. I prefer physical copies, but will accept ebooks on occasion if the book interests me enough or is by an author I already trust.

My rating assessment:

5 = I absolutely enjoyed reading the book cover to cover; most likely will be in my ‘favorites’ shelf / Amazing
4 = I highly enjoyed reading the book, only had a few minor problems with it / Great
3 = I liked the book well enough to finish it, but it wasn’t something great / Good
2 = I disliked the book, had a lot of problems with it / Bad
1 = I hated or DNF’ed the book, nothing in the book worked for me./ Disaster

You can find or contact me at:

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